blanklogo How wonderful is T’ai Chi Ch’uan,
Whose movements follow nature!
Continuous like a jade bracelet,
Every movement expresses the T’ai Chi symbol.
The whole body is filled with one unbroken c’hi.
Above and below are without imbalance.
Place the feet with cat steps,
Moving the ch’i like coiling silk.
In movement, everything moves;
In stillness, all is still.
Excerpt from The Song of the Essence and Application of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

Andy and DeyaAndrew and Deya Townsend


Andrew Townsend leading a T’ai Chi Ch’aun class in Daytona Beach


Andrew and Deya Townsend practicing T’ai Chi Ch’aun in Flagler Beach


Andrew Townsend giving a private lesson in Pushing Hands in Ormond Beach


2014 World Tai Chi Day event at Gamble Rogers State Park